Thermal Airship - Technical

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Gefa-Flug AS 105 GD

Our Gefa-Flug thermal airship is a four seat design and is 135 ft long (nearly half of a football field). It has full aircraft communications capability including a Mode C transponder, which will allow it to operate in and around congested, tower controlled airspace such as Sacramento, Oakland, even Los Angeles.

The Envelope

The AS 105 GD envelope (inflated part) has a volume of 105,943 cu.ft. and is capable of carrying two specially fitted main banners which provide an advertising area of nearly 4000 square feet. Our envelope is also set up for "chin" banners up front and there are smaller advertising areas available on the envelope for sewn banners or artwork. The combined banner area is nearly 5000 square feet, more than SEVEN standard highway billboards. The use of banners allows a one day change out for special promotions. More

Cheers Aerial Media Yellow GEFA-FLUG Thermal Airship - © Cheers Over California, Inc.
The picture above illustrates the standard banner positions available on our GEFA FLUG "Amelia Airship."

Banner Artwork

The artwork applied to our banners can be as simple as single color block lettering or we can arrange for full color edge to edge digital photo image printing.
Traditionally, Thermal Airship banners have been custom made at the airship factory in Germany, but Cheers Aerial Media can have these banners manufactured locally by our partner facilities. This can save greatly on program startup costs.
Our banners feature a special two sided, interlocking Velcro attachment system which creates a smooth appearance and a safe, airworthy connection.

Exclusive Banner Attachment System

Currently, our Thermal Airship is the only GEFA FLUG operating in the USA utilizing this specialized banner attachment system for commercial aerial advertising. Our two sided Velcro attachment offers the cleanest appearance and the most reliable method for attaching Thermal Airship banners.

The image below is actually one of our airship envelopes, bannered for DHL and showing just how bold and dramatic the presentation can be. These banners (both sides) are constructed with lettering as a fabric appliqué. Photo by: Benny Bos

DHL Thermal Airship

The banner on the Greenpeace airship pictured below was actually hand painted by the crew. The name Greenpeace is a direct fabric appliqué. Let your imagination be your guide!

Greenpeace Thermal Airship - © Cheers Over California, Inc.

The Gondola

The gondola is constructed of aircraft grade stainless steel tubing and has aluminum panels. Our standard GD-4 seats up to four people. Heat is provided by dual Cameron Shadow burners, and a small pressurization fan beneath the burners helps keep the envelope at full pressure. Propulsion is provided by a 65 hp Rotax 582 UL aircraft engine with a 4 blade H50F propeller.

GD-4 Four Seat Gondola

The gondola below is the Gefa-Flug four seat model. Photo By: GEFA-FLUG

GEFA-FLUG Thermal Airship GD-4 - Four Seat Gondola

GD-6 Six Seat Gondola

Below is the six seat model which would come with a larger 176,000 cu.ft envelope measuring nearly 160 feet in length. Photo By: GEFA-FLUG

GEFA-FLUG Thermal Airship GD- - Six Seat Gondola

GEFA-FLUG AS105GD Technical Specifications - © Cheers Over California, Inc.

GEFA-FLUG AS105GD Steering

Steering the AS105GD is accomplished using Kevlar cables which run in a loop between the car and the tail. The cables run internally, exiting beneath the horizontal stabilizers and are attached to each side of the rudder. See image below.

GEFA-FLUG AS105GD Technical Specifications - © Cheers Over California, Inc.

GEFA-FLUG AS105GD-4 Technical Diagram

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