Sharing Joy, Fun and Friendship Through Ballooning


September 1-3, 2017 we flew our Cheers Balloon for Valley Children's Healthcare and our RE/MAX Balloon at the Soaring Over Ripon Balloon and Kite Festival with thousands of happy spectators on hand. The Valley Children's Healthcare banner is 40 feet wide!

Cheers Balloon with Banner for Valley Children's Healthcare - © Cheers Over California, Inc

Cheers Aerial Media operates at events of all sizes throughout the year. The links below will take you to other "event specific" pages in our gallery. Once there, you can click on the samples to enlarge the pictures. We hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed creating them. Below: Cheers Aerial Media working with Brooks and Dunn.

Cheers Aerial Media working with Brooks and Dunn - © Cheers Over California, Inc

Event Gallery Links

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Cheers eventProsser Reservoir - Truckee, CA July 2012

Cheers eventVideo: Ballooning with family and friends in Lodi, CA.

We do a lot of flying for business, but sometimes it's good to just get out and play. On this flight we took our friends from the Collins family in Lodi, CA out for a morning of ballooning over the beautiful Lodi vinyards.