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Would you like a hot air ballooon festival in your community? Organizing such an event is a major undertaking and experienced and specialized management can help ensure your event’s success. Cheers Aerial Media has managed all balloon related operations at the Color the Skies Hot Air Balloon and Kite Festival / Soaring Over Ripon since 2010 and in 2017 organized all balloon operations for the inaugural Galt Balloon Festival in Galt, CA. We can deliver experienced professional balloon event management to your festival team.

The list of some of our services includes:

  • Fill the role as Balloon Event Director/Pilot Coordinator (BalloonMeister)
  • Manage all Pilot/Balloon invitations and registration
  • Verify all pilot and aircraft documentation
  • Verify all pilots/balloons carry insurance and meet specific coverage requirements
  • Coordinate with the Federal Aviation Administration to develop a proper flight operations manual and waiver
  • Coordinate with Flight Services, local airports and emergency services
  • Coordinate with Event Staff in all pilot/event communications, lodging, etc.
  • Provide a Weather Officer and weather, area and safety briefings for all pilots prior to any/all flight operations
  • Act as launch area/flight operations director during balloon launch operations

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